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This blog is my personal fashion look-book. I post outfit of the day pics of myself and I re-blog pics of others I find fashionable, most are plus sized. I also post pretty makeup, nails and art with color combinations that I find inspiring. I am not a label snob, and keep myself on a tight budget. I admire fashion that is affordable and I love thrift store finds. I will occasionally post articles on fat acceptance that I find interesting. This space is 100% body positive. I don't post negativity or diet talk of any kind. I love to hear from my followers and will answer you back if you have questions.
Always Love Yourself First!

OOTD 6.6.13  Chevron Dress

Dress - Ross


Jacket - Inc. Macy’s

Shoes - 9 West- I love these shoes so much, but I almost broke my ankle 3 times today so I think they are going to be “special occasion only” from now on

I set up my camera and tripod in a public space for the first time today to take my OOTD pics. I took the pictures on the bike path around the corner from my office while on my lunch hour. I felt extremely self conscious the entire time but I think that they turned out OK.

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